OISRA Alpine Division Freestyle

OISRA will establish a separate Freestyle Division when 100 students who want to compete in Freestyle events are registered with OISRA.  Until that time, OISRA Freestyle is organized within the OISRA Alpine Division and you must contact an Alpine League Representative to get information about Freestyle training and competitions in each league.

The Freestyle representative (Mike FitzSimons) is a non-voting member of the OISRA Alpine Steering Committee.

Freestyle Policies and Competition Rules are found in the OISRA Alpine Policies.

Freestyle Competitions

OISRA sanctions a Freestyle State Championships event, which is held during the same week as the Alpine State Championships.  Currently, there are no OISRA qualifying events for the OISRA Freestyle State Championship event.

The OISRA will not sanction Freestyle League competitions until 100 students are registered with OISRA for Freestyle.  Freestyle skiers must get experience during the league competition season by competing in competitions sanctioned by another organization (USASA).
Contact for Freestyle:  Mike FitzSimons

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