FAQ about Coaches' Training

(updated June 7, 2016)
Q. #1. How do I know which coaches' training courses I need to take?
A. #1. First, register online as an OISRA Coach, using the "COACH" registration button. Within the online registration form is a description of which courses you are required to complete and how often they must be completed.
  •  Certified Coaches are required to take Fundamentals of Coaching, First Aid, and Concussion Awareness.
  • "Helper" Coaches are required to take only Concussion Awareness.

Q. #2.  Are these online courses?
A. #2.  Yes, they are offered online through NFHS (National Federation of High School Associations).

Q. #3.  How do I register for the coaches' training courses?
A. #3. When you are registering online as an OISRA Coach, there is a part of the coaches' registration form where you ask OISRA to order the Fundamentals of Coaching and/or First Aid course(s) for you.  OISRA will purchase the course(s) you request, and you will receive an email message from NFHS giving you a link to access the course(s) you have requested.
The Concussion Awareness course is a free online course offered through NFHS. Go to Concussion Course link for registration instructions.

Q. #4.  Why is OISRA ordering and paying for coaches' training courses from NFHS?
A. #4.  OISRA wants to have a professional coaching staff that meets training requirements that are required for all other high school coaches in the state: Fundamentals of Coaching (take only once); current First Aid certification (every 2 years); and Concussion Awareness training (annually). Because OISRA now has these training requirements for all coaches who are unsupervised when they work with students, OISRA is making the commitment to pay for coaches to take these courses

Q. #5.  What happens if I open a course and do not complete it?
A. #5.  Once a course is opened, it must be completed within one year or OISRA loses the investment of the cost of the course. All courses are prepaid by OISRA before they are sent to you.

Q. #6. What happens if I have not opened a course that was sent to me?
A. #6. If a course has not been opened, OISRA can resend that course to you or reassign it to another person.

Q. #7.  What is the difference between a Certified Coach and a Head Coach?
A. #7.  The Head Coach and the Certified Coach are both required to take the same courses (Fund. of Coaching, First Aid, and Concussion Awareness) and both can supervise students without another coach present. The difference is that the Head Coach has other responsibilities, such as voting, developing school team rules, becoming knowledgeable about school athletic policies, reminding students to register, etc. A Certified Coach may only be in charge of training, for example.

Q. #8. If I am not a Head Coach, will OISRA pay for my coaches’ training courses?
A. #8. Yes. If you are regularly supervising students in situations where the Head Coach is not present, OISRA will pay for you to take the same training courses as the Head Coach.

Q. #9. How do you define an OISRA Helper Coach, and what kind of training does an OISRA Helper Coach need?
A. #9. An OISRA Helper Coach works with the high school students while under the supervision of an OISRA Head Coach or OISRA Certified Coach. It is an Oregon State Law that all adults who work with high school athletes must take the Concussion Awareness Training annually.

Q. #10. When I complete a course, how will this completion date get recorded?
A. #10. The OISRA secretary checks the NFHS records and keeps OISRA records of coaches' names and the dates when they completed these courses. These records are continuously updated and posted to the website. If you have any questions about these posted records, contact the OISRA secretary at vmartin@bendcable.com.

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