Ordering Concussion Course

2017-18 Instructions
This FREE course will take about 30 minutes to complete.
1.  Go to  http://nfhslearn.com
2.  Click on "Concussion Course."
3.  Choose "Concussion in Sport."
4.  Click on the blue box “Order Course.”
5.  If you have registered previously, then click on "Sign In."  Otherwise, create an account by clicking on "Register here."
6.  Select “myself,” and “Continue.”
7.  Choose state, and click “checkout” on “Your Shopping Cart.”
8.  On the “Order” page, click the “I agree. . . “ button  and the “Continue”  box.
9.  On the “Your Order Receipt” page, on the top left part of the page you will find “Click here” instructions for accessing your course.
10.  When the “My Courses” page opens, click “Begin Course.”
11.  When you complete the course, you can download the certificate if you choose, but it is not required.
12.  Notify OISRA secretary (vmartin@bendcable.com) by email with a brief message that you have completed the course.
For those of you who have taken this course more than once, we checked with NFHS to find out if there is a way to “speed up” moving though the course.  Unfortunately, we learned that all the introductory material must be reviewed each time you take the course. 

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